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January 2016: Searching for Answers in the Big Data Universe

December 2015: Uncover the Psychology Behind Safety

November 2015: Medical Devices Enter the Information Age

November 2015 Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Cornell Uses HMI/SCADA to Optimize Energy Efficiency 

October 2015: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Managing Water Use

September 2015: BYOD: Keys, Coffee, Cell—and Off to Work

August 2015: Embedded Control: Reaching for More

August 2015 Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT):Industrial Internet of Things Best Practices

July 2015: Manage Ingredients for Efficiency, Traceability

June 2015: Finding the Hidden Value

May 2015: Grain Operators Embrace the Internet of Things

April 2015: Taking Building Automation Advances to the Plant

March 2015: A Clear Vision at Any Speed

February 2015 Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): The Internet of Things and the Future of the Energy Industries

February 2015: The Internet of Things Communication Gap

January 2015: Learning from Thrill Rides and Theme Parks

December 2014: Automating Hygiene for Pathogen Protection

November 2014: Maintenance: More Than Spare Parts Management

October 2014: Paper Industry Reveals Productivity Lessons

September 2014: Industrial Technologies From Space

August 2014: The Second Electrical Revolution: The Rise of DC Power

July 2014: Virtual Assembly: Real Results

June 2014: Oversized Motors: Too Much of a Good Thing?

May 2014: Manufacturing Renaissance: Is It Real?

April 2014: Automation in the Extremes

March 2014: Manage Reliability to Keep Your Assets Ticking

February 2014: Not Just Luck: The Search for Skilled Workers

January 2014: Industrial Wireless: Broken Signal Solutions

December 2013: The Smartest Instruments

November 2013: Equipment Complaints as Diagnostic Clues

October 2013: Cloud Computing Bears New Manufacturing IT Fruit

September 2013: Decentralized Motion Driven by intelligence

August 2013: Sensors: From Measurement to Intelligence Gathering

July 2013: Simulation Brings Training to Life

June 2013: ISA-88: Better Batches Every Time

May 2013: ISA-95: Integrating Manufacturing's Future

April 2013: Taking Charge of Code Change

March 2013: Explosion-Proof and Intrinsically Safe

February 2013: SCADA System Success

January 2013: Control Room Modernization

December 2012: Sustainability in Manufacturing

November 2012: Industrial Software Applications

October 2012: Advanced Process Control

September 2012: Cloud Security

August 2012: Historial Best Practices

July 2012: Lean Manufacturing

June 2012: Making Manufacturing

May 2012: Recipe for a Robust Ethernet Network

April 2012: The Stuxnet Effect on Cyber Security

March 2012: Orchestrating Success: Leading the Automation Team

February 2012: Breaking the Barriers to Alternative Energy Sources

January 2012: Innovation As Our Readers See It

IT Delivers on Automation’s Promise
IT Delivers on Automation’s Promise

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