Process Control

To ensure success with your alarm management upgrade, make sure operators are at least on, if not leading, your team.
A unified approach to advanced control can make utilizing the full power of PID less of an art and more of a documented, fast and straightforward procedure. This column, first in a series of “User Views,” will cover the original development of process control technologies, and the scope of the application opportunities.
The platform is for municipal or industrial plant water/wastewater treatment.
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The ST100 Series is now available with VeriCal in-situ calibration verification system.
The IV Vision Sensor combines some of the functionality of machine vision and traditional sensors in a single system that can be used on a wide range of presence detection applications.
Aimed at municipal and industrial water, potable water and wastewater, these ammonium analytical sensors consist of two universal sensors and replaceable electrode cartridges.
The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduces a new series of Class I, Division 2 certified automation computers, the UNO-1100H series.
Called “the most significant upgrade since 1996,” TwinCAT PC-based control software now has object-oriented IEC 61131-3 extensions and support for C and C++ programming languages.
24 VDC powered Solo process/temperature controllers are available in four standard DIN sizes.
A re-engineered family of motor control centers (MCCs) are arc-resistance, compliant with ANSI/IEEE C37.20.7 standards and filled with features designed to serve water and wastewater, oil and gas, and general process industries.
The news is not that parallel programming is here—it has been here for a long time. 
The state of the economy tops every conversation these days.
By providing improved visibility of plant floor data, enterprise manufacturing intelligence software enables smarter decisions that yield bottom-line results.
If you’re in business, you have documents.
For automation end-users, competitive advantage comes from knowledge that stays ahead of the game.
Proponents of the technology insist that despite the high cost of admission, digital manufacturing is just the ticket to help lead manufacturers out of the economic downturn.
The vendor’s DW-860 rugged wireless keyboard has been redesigned into a sleeker, more compact case with no protruding battery pack. 
The Bluetooth Cordless Ring Scanner (CRS) Series 9 is a hands-free solution equipped with a small bar code scanner designed to sit on the user’s finger, with the battery and transmitter worn on the wrist. 
Wireless Fidelity, or Wi-Fi, technology is proliferating in the factory, but it’s not the best answer for everything. Will Wi-Fi take over the industrial world?
The OM-SQ2010 is a versatile, general purpose data logger with 4 differential or 8 single-ended analog input channels to measure current, voltage, resistance and temperature, plus 8 digital channels to automatically trigger or stop logging.
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