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SPONSOR: Siemens PLM Software, Inc. September 14, 2010 | Edited by Managing Editor: Wes Iversen

Applied Manufacturing Technologies sees Virtual Commissioning as a key enabler for manufacturing productivity improvements >>

Don’t let plant floor commissioning delays impact your profitability. Learn how leading manufacturers use Tecnomatix Virtual Commissioning to streamline the mechanical and electrical commissioning of their automated production systems.

Siemens PLM Software, Inc.

Increase planning efficiency to quickly meet changing demands >>

As one of the top 15 electronic manufacturing services (EMS) companies, Zollner must quickly adjust production capacity to constantly changing customer demands. Learn how they use digital manufacturing in conjunction with lean manufacturing principles to achieve highly flexible and optimized production systems.

Siemens PLM Software, Inc.

Flexible Assembly Processes Meet Customers' Demands >>

The EBM-papst group is one of the world’s leading producers of motors and fans. To meet customer demands EBM-pabst introduced Tecnomatix® solutions to optimize its production planning and significantly shorten the product development process.

Siemens PLM Software, Inc.

Design and Deliver Optimal Factories 50% Faster >>

To deliver optimized factories, Ergo Design depends on digital manufacturing technology. Learn how 3D factory layout and material flow simulation improves efficiency by analyzing floor space and logistical constraints to identify and eliminate waste.

Siemens PLM Software, Inc.

How Procter & Gamble Optimizes Manufacturing Efficiency >>

See how Procter & Gamble is taking advantage of the Tecnomatix® plant design and optimization solution from Siemens PLM Software to minimize production losses, and improve the efficiency of manufacturing operations.

Siemens PLM Software, Inc.

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Leadership Headlines Again, by Gary Mintchell

At least this time it isn’t process control.

Failures of leadership, that is. Last month (, I discussed the role that leadership played in some of the recent safety problems in process control, leading to death, injury and pollution. This month, the headlines were about the sudden departure of the chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard (H-P), Mark Hurd. This one was the result of an apparent ethics lapse.

There were many articles written in the aftermath of Hurd’s sudden departure. Many ideas centered on ethics and the way he treated people. Research has shown that you don’t have to be a warm personality to be a good leader—but it’s essential that you be consistently fair. All of my research points to ethics and fairness as two key elements of leadership. For more perspective, check out the Automation Team department I wrote on motivation (see Motivating Knowledge Workers).

Eight leadership lessons

While I was pondering leadership questions again, I found an essay on the blog of Michael Hyatt, chairman and chief executive of Thomas Nelson Inc., a publishing house in Nashville, “Eight Leadership Lessons From Martin Luther King, Jr.” It can be found on the Web at These lessons can be used by you, today’s leaders in manufacturing, as you continue to develop your leadership ability.

Hyatt identifies the first lesson as, “Great leaders do not sugar-coat reality.” Certainly, as we’ve endured this manufacturing downturn, you’ve had to deal honestly with your team regarding the facts of the survival of your company. Next, “Great leaders engage the heart.” You will not turn around your manufacturing facility unless you engage your team in the purpose of what you are doing. While you are turning around your business, you’ll practice lesson three, “Great leaders refuse to accept the status quo...” Read more

» PINTO’S PROSE: Strategic Manufacturing, by Jim Pinto
In today’s turbulent and fast-moving business environment, many corporate managers view manufacturing either as a black box or simply as a line item on a spreadsheet.

That’s a serious mistake. Since 1970, America has imported more than it has exported, and U.S. companies have lost their dominant positions in many industries, with their competitive position deteriorating rapidly.

The challenges include increased levels of complexity and uncertainty coming from increased globalization of markets and operations, the diversified demands of customers, drastic reductions in product lifecycles, and manufacturing and technology obsolescence. The manufacturing knowledge base has become more complex, and this process is likely to continue.

The connection between manufacturing and corporate success is rarely seen as more than the achievement of high efficiency and low costs. Top managers, most often with marketing or financial backgrounds, unknowingly delegate a large portion of basic manufacturing policy decisions to lower levels. This abdication of responsibility is part of the reason why many manufacturing policies and implementations developed at lower levels reflect assumptions about corporate strategy that are incorrect or misconstrued. The company’s facilities, equipment, personnel, controls and policies burden it with a noncompetitive posture that may take years to turn around... Read more

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2010 ACS Conference
Join industry professionals at a conference that focuses on ICSs and its need for continuous need of operation. Presentations by end-users providing first-hand experience on Actual ICS cyber incidents and much more!
Rockville, MD. September 20-24, 2010

GridWise Global Forum
This inaugural international gathering of policy and corporate leaders, technology innovators, regulators, consumer and environmental advocates promises to deliver smart grid information.
Washington D.C. September 21-23, 2010

National Robot Safety Conference XX11
RIA's 22nd annual National Robot Safety Conference will provide plenty of excitement and information as you preview the new R15.06 Robot Safety draft at its first public release.
Indianapolis, IN. September 27-29, 2010

Emerson Global Users Exchange
This year’s theme is "Build on your Knowledge" and presentation tracks will cover automation and instrumentation systems & applications and more!
San Antonio, TX. September 27-October 1, 2010

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