Automation can improve compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act.
Simpler is better. This rule of thumb for lean manufacturing applies equally well to quality control as it does to process monitoring and other aspects of production
Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is being used with increasing frequency in the packaging industry. The reason for its popularity lies in the fact that the metric is easy to understand and relatively easy to apply. However, it is also easy to misuse. Here’s how to avoid doing so.
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IT Delivers on Automation’s Promise
IT Delivers on Automation’s Promise

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For the most part, database issues are left the to IT department. But with the volume of production data typically residing in numerous databases in a manufacturing facility, engineers and operators need to be more aware of the databases that house their critical production information.
“Lean,” properly speaking, is not a program, a platform, a methodology or a one-time event. Lean is a way of life that seeks to add value and eliminate waste whether, in manufacturing or the office.
The first annual Automation Conference, bringing together process, discrete and packaging professionals in one conference, kicked off this morning with keynotes speakers from Boeing and ExxonMobil.
Omron will provide manufacturing and procurement services to maker of egg-marking systems.
With Ethernet as the enabler, operators—and their machines—are getting better information faster than ever.
Salvador Dali addressed it in his famous painting "Persistence of Memory," but manufacturers deal with varying perceptions of time as a day-to-day operational fact of life. Devising ways to better synch manufacturing and supply chain operations with customer demand is leading to the increased re-shoring of production operations and the use of cloud technologies.
With the arrival and increasing implementation of the Internet of Things concept in manufacturing, the time has come to get familiar with some new terminology. So, if you haven’t yet become familiar with the term “mashup,” here’s what it means and how it applies to manufacturing.
Microsoft SharePoint use continues to increase as more corporate information technology (IT) departments adopt it for providing a company-wide infrastructure for collaboration, information sharing and content management.
According to a joint report from AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology and AMTDA, the American Machine Tool Distributors’ Association, industry is on track to produce orders equal to all of 2010 by the end of August 2011.
ISPE guide covers international guidelines and regulations for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing process streams.
The right software can make all the difference. Just ask Chris Bacon, production manager at the Nampa, Idaho plant of Pepsi Bottling Ventures: “This new capability frees up at least an hour a day per person, which is equivalent to adding another person to the staff, free of charge—and that’s a wonderful initial return on investment,” he notes.
Early detection and identification of the root cause of process upsets using advanced multivariate analysis (MVA) techniques provides significant economic benefits and cost savings.
Apps are springing up for all kinds of automation uses, ranging from remote monitoring to test and measurement. Are iPads and other tablet PCs destined to become part of the automation engineer’s toolbox?
Underwriters Laboratories has officially accepted D.L.S. Conformity Assessment, Inc. into its Third Party Test Data Program.
The news is not that parallel programming is here—it has been here for a long time. 
NI data acquisition tools allow valves displacement mapping for a brake motor system.
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