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Voice Coil/Moving Coil Actuators

This podcast covers voice coil actuators—also known as moving coil actuators—which are commonly used in audio speaker manufacturing. But these actuators can do more than just be placed in speakers.
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Proximity Sensors Explained

Proximity sensors are one of the most common sensor types used in manufacturing to detect objects that are close to the sensor.
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Understanding Relays

This podcast explores the basic types and functions of relays, including electromechanical and solid state.
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Laser Sensors Explained

Compared to photoelectric sensors, which are good at detecting larger objects, laser sensors can be used to more effectively detect much smaller objects.
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Timer and Timing Delay Use in Automation

This podcast explains the use of timers and timing delays to coordinate the precise interaction of sensors and actuators in automated systems.
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How Stepper Motors and Servo Motors Differ

In this podcast, the differences and similarities between stepper motors and servo motors is discussed. Topics range from core technological differences to application insights.
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Relay and Switch Types Explained

In this podcast, the different types of basic relays and switches are explained, including SPST (single pole, single throw), DPST (double pole, single throw) and DPDT (double pole, double throw).
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Distance-based Photoelectric Sensors

This podcast explains how distance-based photoelectric sensors operate and how they differ from other industrial sensors, such as presence/absence sensors.
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Vacuum Technologies in Automation

This episode explores different types of vacuum technologies—such as venturi, rotary vane, diaphragm, and rocking piston—and their uses in machinery and automation such as pick-and-place applications.
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Actuator Accuracy: Electric vs. Pneumatic

In this podcast, Gil Guajardo and Jerry Scherzinger from Bimba discuss the accuracy similarities and differences between electric and pneumatic actuators.
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