SIKO Adds IO-Link to Positioning Drives

With the open standard of the IO-Link interface, integration options are available for machine control from a variety of providers.

Pec Siko Iol Ink2 2020
photo credit: SIKO

SIKO is showcasing its positioning drives at PACK EXPO Connects, which, for the first time are outfitted with an IO-Link interface.

When formats are changed on packaging machines, labelers, textile machines, etc., precise positioning is always crucial, as is optimizing machine setup times.  Fully automated positioning drives can prevent incorrect settings, which in turn prevents waste and damage. SIKO positioning drives can do all this by design, but are now available with an IO-Link interface

One, for example, is the AG03/1, a high-performance compact actuator for complex positioning jobs.  Used to replace manual spindle adjustments by automatic options like push button format changeover, the compact design can fit into very tight mounting situations. Components like gear set, motor, absolute positioning sensor, drive electronic, and now, the IO-Link interface is integrated into the design.

The standard IO-Link communication allows direct integration into the IO-Link master which has a direct link to the PLC. The AG03/1 positioning drive enables fast integration via a point-to-point connection using simple I/O technology. With the open, manufacturer-independent standard of the IO-Link interface, integration options are available for machine control systems from all leading providers.

IO-Link master components can be used to network multiple devices on a modular basis. This reduces complexity and cabling outlay as well as the costs involved in commissioning. The standardized wiring, combined with additional diagnostic features, improves serviceability and reduces downtimes in the event of errors. The IO-Link master allows parameter data to be read from a field device, stored, and loaded onto a new device of the same type when the old one is replaced – even while the process is still running.

SIKO positioning drives provide specific data via the IO-Link interface so that it can be used for tasks such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance in centralized systems, which can be in the cloud. With the open IO-Link standard, a wide range of network components from various manufacturers are available so that seamless communication can be realized from the field level up to the cloud securely.

To view the SIKO demo (available through March 31, 2021), and add SIKO to your MyConnects Planner, click here.


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