Sentient Labeling Machine Self Diagnoses

Sentient is a human term, which means to feel and perceive.

The new Nita 4.0 platform sentient labeling machine was debuted during PACK EXPO Connects. The self-diagnosing system identifies and advises when parts need changing or servicing and allows users to order those parts directly from the machine via built-in 3D drawings that scale down to the specific required part. In the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Software-based PC control screen, users also get daily, weekly, and monthly preventative maintenance schedules and tutorials, a problem-solving hi-resolution video library, an open-source SCADA platform that provides real-time OEE and performance reporting, and live video tech support. The support features are built right into screen of the labeling machine and users can also use the new NitaCare app, which comes at no extra charge.

“Sentient is a human term, which means to feel and perceive,” said Ken Hubscher, the vice president of sales and marketing at Nita Labeling Systems, during the company’s PACK EXPO Connects live demo. “We call these sentient labeling machines because we built in the ability for the machine to perceive and feel because these machines can self-diagnose.” 

Other features of the sentient labeling machine include:

·     100% speed synchronized, all-servo technology engineered with off-the-shelf, non-proprietary electronics and software.

·      Parts ordering directly from the machine via built-in 3D drawings that scale down to the specific required item.

·      Daily Preventative Maintenance schedules and video tutorials with full trend reporting.

·      A l SCADA platform that provides real-time O.E.E. and other performance data.

·      Total-replication product changeover system where all physical changeover points on the labeler are clearly identified by innovative alphanumeric, color-coded scales.

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