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Fighting COVID-19 with Big Ass Fans

The new Clean Air System uses ion and ultraviolet technology to eliminate airborne pathogens.

Pec2020 Big Ass Fans
Photo Credit: Big Ass Fans

Big Ass Fans, known as experts in air movement, will now also be known as experts in air disinfection.

The company is talking about its Clean Air System at PACK EXPO Connects which uses ion disinfection technology—once reserved for private jets and corporate offices—and bringing it to the essential works on the front lines of the factory.

The Clean Air System uses ion and ultraviolet (UV-C) technology to eliminate airborne pathogens and safeguard the space. Elevated ions are delivered in short period of time, attaching to the pathogen and rendering it ineffective. According to the company, the in-room ionization systems have been 3rd party tested to kill 99.999% of SARS-COV-2 (the cause of COVID-19).

Ionization takes oxygen from the air and converts it into charged atoms that cluster to deactivate harmful substances like airborne mold, bacteria, allergens, and viruses. High concentrations of ions can be found in spaces like beaches and waterfalls and are natures' natural way of cleaning the air. Ionization has long been used in HVAC ductwork for an additional layer of filtering. But, Big Ass Fans’ Clean Air Ion System is superior to HVAC ion in-duct systems, the company said, as it takes advantage of the massive quantities of air that the fans are moving to the occupied spaces. 

By integrating the ion generators into the fans, the company is creating a huge number of ions that are rapidly dispersed by the airflow directly into the targeted occupied space to clean the air and surfaces in the airflow

Additional features:

·     Available with all AirEye diameters (20", 24", and 30") and voltage options (110V and 240V)

·      Fans can be affixed with numerous mount options or kept mobile with the pedestal base

·      Eliminates contaminants from air and surfaces without producing ozone

·      Delivers concentration of ions to occupied spaces faster than HVAC duct-mounted ionizers

·      Indicator LED illuminates when ions are being generated

·      Intertek/ETL-certified to UL 867 and UL 2998 for being an ozone free product

·      Custom-designed ionizer bracket secured to fan cage with anti-rattle, corrosion-resistant hardware; powder-coated Powerfoil Yellow for durability


In addition, the Clean Air System includes a custom airflow analysis with 3D software, installation, and a service plan to ensure the system remains effective.

To view the Big Ass Fans demos (available through March 31, 2021), and to add Big Ass Fans to your MyConnects Planner, click here

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