Wireless Asset Monitoring

Regal Rexnord offers the Perceptiv™ Sentry S2100 platform for cost effective wireless vibration and temperature monitoring for industrial powertrain applications.

Perceptiv Sentry S2100 Platform

Users, primarily in light duty applications, will benefit from early detection of asset problems for predictive maintenance, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency as well as reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

Regal Rexnord’s Sentry S2100 platform includes monitoring hardware, services, a user dashboard, and a mobile application. The general purpose Sentry S2100 platform is a logical addition to the tiered offering of solutions powered by Perceptiv intelligence.

As part of the tiered offering of solutions powered by Perceptiv intelligence, the Sentry S2100 wireless platform is ideal for general usage throughout an entire facility. It features a lower cost and easier installation than wired units – making it an ideal entry-level option to help meet productivity demands.

The Sentry S2100 sensor is IP67-certified and rated for both indoor and outdoor environments at temperatures from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius. It is powered by an integrated battery with a 6- to 8-year life that can easily be replaced by customers in the field. The Sentry S2100 sensor is highly scalable. Approximately 20 nodes can be connected to one gateway and can be combined with other sensors in the Perceptiv portfolio to build customized, hybrid solutions across an organization’s total footprint. In addition, the Perceptiv team can configure, install and commission a system tailored to a customer’s specific needs, as well as provide expert monitoring, analysis, and recommendations to help customers meet production demands. Automated, wireless data is available 24/7 via the online dashboard, with customizable alerts delivered by both email and text, making monitoring equipment easily accessible, whether being viewed on or off-site.

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