Atom Box Module

The PS5001B Atom Box unit offers M.2 and eMMC storage for a more cost-effective solution.

Pro Face America OEM MAGAZINE
Pro Face America OEM MAGAZINE

Pro-face America released its new PS5001B industrial PC. This new iPC is a welcome addition to the already popular PS5000 series, and expands the family with three new node box options.


This NEW box module includes an Intel® Atom CPU, and can be easily mounted to any Pro-face PS5000 series display providing high-performance and durability for multiple iPC applications. The PS5001B Atom Box unit offers M.2 and eMMC storage allowing for a more efficient, and cost-effective solution, according to the company.


Use the PS5001B Atom box as a highly reliable open platform PC-based control system to break free of the speed and performance limitations of your PLC. Expand your data management and smart manufacturing options by upgrading to the accelerated version of BLUE Open Studio and Node-Red. The PS5000 series offers Class 1 Div 2 certification, IP66 protection and fan-less functionality to create a high quality, durable industrial PC suitable for multiple environments and applications.


Steve Allmond, Pro-face America Offer Manager, says “Adding an expandable Atom box processor that is built-to-order, and provides efficient performance keeps the Pro-face industrial PC offering state-of-the-art. This allows our customers to enter the Next Stage of Smart manufacturing using Pro-face Industrial PCs.”

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