The POINT Guard I/O provides safety and automation control in one compact I/O platform.

Aw 3019 Saf Prod4
The POINT Guard I/O is a safety rated I/O module designed to fit into the standard POINT I/O system, thus offering automation and safety functionality in a single maximum-density I/O solution.
The POINT Guard I/O features CIP Safety over EtherNET/IP or DeviceNET. It communicates with CIP Safety protocol over EtherNet/IP for GuardLogix safety controllers and DeviceNet for SmartGuard600 safety controllers.
The application of the CIP Safety protocol enables simultaneous transmission of safety and automation control data and diagnostic information over one CIP network. POINT I/O and POINT Guard I/O can be controlled by a single GuardLogix controller for both safety and automation control through one node. If separate safety control is required, a GuardLogix controller can be used with POINT Guard I/O for safety control and a ControlLogix controller with POINT I/O for automation control. No changes are required to the POINT I/O system.
This solution is ideal for applications requiring maximum I/O density in minimum panel space. The advanced solid-state design allows for module replacement in minutes and reduces the need for special maintenance or training.
POINT Guard I/O is designed for use with industrial equipment and is especially suited for robotic, point-of-operation, guard-monitoring, and distributed control applications.

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