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High-performance Machine/Motion Controller

The eZMP SynqNet Controller is designed as a high-performance stand-alone controller that integrates precision motion with a flexible, expandable, and upgradeable industrial computer capable of autonomous machine control and user interface operation.

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The eZMP supports up to 64 axes of motion and up to 17,000 points of I/O control, and has Ethernet, USB, Video, and PCI connectivity. The eZMP is also a SynqNet motion network master for plug-and-play SynqNet amplifiers and I/O devices. The Windows XPe-based eZMP can be programmed using Visual Basic, C/C++/C# or other third-party software packages.  Easy connectivity is built in with Ethernet TCP/IP, USB 2.0, Device USB, VGA and serial port interfaces.

Danaher Motion

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