IML for Tomato Packs

As demand for on-the-go packaging continues to grow, a new tomato container featuring in-mold labeling is catching consumers’ eyes in European markets.

In-mold label delivers a no-label look.
In-mold label delivers a no-label look.

Haval Disposables of the Netherlands  injection molds the 175-g container of polypropylene and applies an ultra-transparent PP label in the process. Supplied by Verstraete, the label is called SuperClear IML, and it lets Haval produce a container with a true no-label look. Among the container distributors who are only too happy to sell this tomato pack is Poorthuis Packaging, one of whose customers is the Gartner brand from Oslo, Norway-based BAMA Gruppen AS.

“What Poorthuis Packaging wanted was clear: focus all efforts on the packaging’s look,” says Ron Kastermans, Product Manager at Haval. “That’s where Verstraete IML’s expertise comes in handy. With standard transparent IML labels you can still clearly see that an IML label is on the package, which slightly diminishes the transparency. Thanks to SuperClear IML, the IML label is fully integrated into the packaging, and the tomatoes’ appearance and color are an eye-catcher on the shelf. On top of that, the tomato containers have a Tamper Evident closure. This seal guarantees consumers that the product hasn’t been opened before, which means that it’s fresh.”


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