Nutifood Differentiates Its Dairy with Packaging

When launching a series of child- and teen-targeted drinking milk products that aim to boost nutrition and catch the modern consumer’s eye, locally famous Vietnamese food company Nutifood chose Ecolean aseptic packs.

Nuti Milk Eco Lean

“We are confident that the new launch of our product in Ecolean packaging will create a good opportunity for our brand to stand out in the market,” says Võ Hoàng Anh, Vice President Marketing, Nutifood. “To ensure nutritional value in our products, which is especially important when you offer products to kids and teens, we work very closely with our institute in Sweden called Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute (NNRIS).

Nutifood launches Ecolean’s aseptic packages in 125-mL and 250-mL sizes, with both flavored milk and white milk, the latter imported from New Zealand.

“We choose Ecolean because it has a unique value proposition offering an innovative packaging, which is convenient to use, standing out in display and at the same time offers world-class food safety. It is both flexible and durable,” says Anh. “Today's consumers also take sustainability into account when thinking about the product or brand that they are going to buy. Ecolean packaging is standing out in that value as well.”

According to the brand owner, Ecolean packages are lightweight, almost half in weight compared to many traditional packaging formats and contain up to 35% chalk. Using fewer raw materials from the start saves energy during production, transport, and waste handling. The packages can also be completely flattened, minimizing food waste, and using less space in the waste bin.

Consumer awareness is growing, and so is the need for differentiation

According to Euromonitor International, Vietnamese consumers are becoming more aware of the effects of nutrition and the welfare and development of their children. Products targeted at children are being developed in terms of content and packaging in dairy products in Vietnam. Manufacturers will now attempt to differentiate their products and may opt for differentiating packaging types so as to stand out from the crowd as differentiation based on packaging size will prove difficult.

10% growth in the dairy packaging market in Vietnam 

Vietnamese consumers view dairy products as a source of nutrition, according to Euromonitor International, which is the reason for the continued growth of the category. The total retail size of dairy packaging in Vietnam increased by 10% in 2020 to reach 13.4 billion units and are projected to rise at an 11% CAGR to reach 22.8 billion units in 2025. - PW

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