The Automation Playbook 2021

The bottom line for key automation issues for discrete, batch process and continuous process industries.

The Automation Playbook is a useful source of information for all industries as you look for guidance in how to approach the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), new communication protocols, control implementation, safety, asset management, predictive maintenance, a mobile workforce, and so much more.


  • Five factors to consider before launching an IIoT initiative
  • 17 points to consider before even beginning your automation project
  • Six ways mobile HMI access can boost OEE
  • Seven Safety Functions That Can Save You Money
  • 16 strategies for achieving your energy management objectives
  • How to properly vet and select a systems integrator
  • 23 common mistakes people make in automation projects
  • 10 issues to address before you develop an industrial network


  • Seven Ways to Improve Clean-in-Place Systems
  • Leveraging Analytics and Community for a Mobile Workforce
  • How to Calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness: A Practical Guide
  • Nine Tips for Achieving Balance in Recipe Management
  • Four IT Standards
 You Should Understand


  • Eight Ideas for Successful DCS Implementation
  • PLC vs. DCS: Which Is Right for Your Operation?
  • 13 Suggestions for Control System Migrations
  • Asset Reliability as a Performance Indicator
  • Intrinsic Safety: Thinking Outside the Explosion-Proof Box
  • Five Ways to Manage Energy Costs
  • Managing Emissions with Automation


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