Danfoss and Penn State work together on sustainability report

Explores the resilience challenge and its intersection with energy efficiency

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Danfoss and The Pennsylvania State University’s architectural engineering department have joined forces to create and release a report that explores the resilience challenge and its intersection with energy efficiency, in the context of an overarching demand for sustainability. According to the report, the forms of the resilience challenge are potentially diverse, and communities, specifically urban areas that are expected to house nearly 70 percent of the earth’s population by 2050, were not designed to handle the impacts.

The report asserts that, as catastrophic events become more intense and more frequent, infrastructure must be designed to be safe to fail—redefining infrastructure strategy to integrate elements of sustainability and a new conception of high-performance buildings.

The report is available for download here: http://bit.ly/DanfossBuildingResilience.

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