Industrial Ethernet Diagnostics

Proper diagnostics and support of your Industrial Ethernet network will save you money, conflicts with other departments, and plant or equipment downtime.

A simple act such as connecting a new device, or changing the configuration of a switch, have shut down production lines and created downtime losses in the thousands. Don't think because you are not responsible for the infrastructure, or are using an outside support organization, that this will prevent or help identify the problem. Frequently the problems are unique to Industrial applications.

Major companies have recognized the need to provide local support for these time critical real-time networks. They also realize that the local plant floor resources are the best way to reduce downtime. These resources however require an easy to use solution that will assist them to prevent or minimize the occurrences of these problems. IntraVUE has been selected by some of the largest Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Automotive companies to support their applications.

What companies within Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Forest Products, and Municipal Markets are saying about IntraVUE:

"We had a process control network melt down the other day. I was able to use the IntraVUE as a troubleshooting tool to get the issue isolated and ended up swapping out a bad network switch that for all intents and purposes, appeared to be operating properly from the front lights but was dropping links worse and worse. It took us a little over an hour to get the mill back up and running."

"I just wanted to let you know that IntraVUE just saved me an 80-mile roundtrip to the plant on a Saturday night just to change-out an Ethernet PLC module. Since I was able to quickly identify the issue by simply looking at the live IntraVUE network status I just had one of our onsite employees swap out the module."

"We had a switch go down on Friday and I could immediately tell what was happening. The live view provided an accurate and real time view which allowed our support people that are not network experts to fix the problem quickly."

"IntraVUE allowed us to easily identify servers and their network connections which had to be replaced. The live view gave us the ability to be sure no other computers were disturbed in the process."

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