NAM Details 2005 Congressional Agenda

With the 109th Congress now sworn in, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM,, a Washington, D.C., trade organization, recently laid out its agenda for the session, pledging to push hard for a variety of pro-growth, pro-manufacturing legislative and regulatory actions.

“Though U.S. manufacturing finally came out of a lengthy recession and led the rest of the economy with strong growth in 2004, many structural impediments to long-term growth remain, and we’re determined to push an agenda that will reduce or eliminate these impediments,” said NAM President John Engler.

Outlining the NAM’s agenda for 2005, Engler said the organization has four key goals aimed at strengthening manufacturing:

- Reduce production costs in the United States

- Level the international playing field

- Better prepare a 21st century workforce

- Promote innovation, investment and productivity.

The full NAM agenda for the 109th Congress is posted on the organization’s Web site, at

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