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"Bring It On" Winners Announced

Three companies win Coriolis mass flowmeters.

At the last month’s ISA Expo 2003, in Houston, Invensys announced that it has selected three companies to receive free CFT50 Coriolis mass flowmeters, as a result of their participation in the Foxboro “Bring It On” challenge. The winners, chosen from more than 200 entries, include a PVC resin manufacturer, a chemical processor and a specialty oils producer.

Coriolis force principles have been applied in flowmeters for a number of years, to provide highly accurate, direct mass flow measurement. Despite a price premium, Coriolis is often the technology of choice in demanding applications that require high reliability.

Coriolis meters have been limited, however, in their ability to measure two-phase flow—that is, flow that involves gas and liquid masses. Two-phase applications include many batch operations in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, among others, where it is necessary to use ratio blending or to begin with an empty or partially filled flowtube.

In Sept. 2002, Invensys Foxboro introduced the CFT50 Digital Coriolis Mass Flow Transmitter, which, when paired with a Foxboro bent- or straight-tube mass flowmeter, is designed to control the flowtube during two-phase flow operation. This past August, the company launched a “Bring It On” campaign to challenge industry users to submit their most demanding Coriolis mass flow applications, and see if the CFT50 was up to the task.

Selection criteria

Participants submitted applications in which two-phase flow was degrading measurement performance in a key area of their operations. Criteria for selecting the winners, according to Michael Jost, vice president and general manager of the Foxboro Measurement and Instrumentation Div, were “the complexity of the application, the value of its performance on the business, targeted markets and global impact.”

Invensys Foxboro will install and test, at no cost, its CFT50 digital Coriolis flowmeter at each winning company.

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