Integrated RFID data

Comtrol and CapTech Ventures have teamed to integrate Comtrol's DeviceMaster® ATS and DeviceMaster®RTS with CapTech's TagsWareME®.

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This device is designed to provide advanced RFID data-handling features in close proximity to the RFID activity, eliminating large amounts of unnecessary data from the industrial control network. Integration of RFID middleware with an embedded device server delivers a complete solution by enabling the filtering of “excess reads,” resulting in reduced network load and therefore improved operational efficiencies and system readability. The ATS is a solid-state, remotely manageable, fully programmable embedded microcomputer designed to host mission-critical applications without the overhead, expense, and risk of general-purpose PC servers. The RTS device server is a network-attached, solid-state device that delivers browser-based remote port/device monitoring and configuration and provides an application software platform for local processing.

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