IPACK-IMA 2018 stronger and more international with a comprehensive representation of made-in-Italy production

IPACK-IMA 2018 will be stronger with a complete representation of the Italian industry, as well as more international.

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IPACK-IMA 2018 will be stronger with a complete representation of the Italian industry, as well as more international. The recent changes in the company and the new partnership between UCIMA (The Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association) and Fiera Milano Spa will translate to unified energy and resources for an increasingly successful processing and packaging exhibition - leader in Italy and among the most important worldwide, setting the standard in Europe and leading the industry in Mediterranean countries.

The complete presence of the Italian industry, the world-class quality production represented by UCIMA manufacturers and Fiera Milano’s powerful international network all make for the best expectations for the next edition.

Very interested feedback is already being collected through the presence of an IPACK-IMA 2018 promotional stand at Pack-Expo, Las Vegas, last September. Market-leading brands and companies have already confirmed their participation in the next edition. The by now confirmed recovery of the Italian economy – with indicators signalling a renewed interest in domestic investment in instrumental goods – also contributes to delineating a favourable scenario.

The next edition’s strengths include global presence and authoritativeness. In addition to those markets where IPACK-IMA already enjoys a well-established position, including Europe and USA, a specific focus will be placed on emerging Mediterranean and African markets. In these countries IPACK-IMA will capitalize on the enormous potential developed through the organization of the exhibition East Afripack, Nairobi, for growing economies in the EAC (East African Community) region.

In view of 2018, special attention will be given to the needs of the exhibition’s business communities. The organization is developing new verticalizations to enrich the fair with even more content by building on the experience with Meat-Tech and Dairytech.

In the last May 2015 edition IPACK-IMA, together with its vertical shows Meat-Tech and Dairytech, attracted to Fiera Milano 1,371 exhibitors (34% from outside of Italy) spread over six halls and about 80,000 visitors (79,667, of whom 28% from 131 countries).

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