Oriental Motor: Fuji Electric compact inverter

Oriental Motor partners with Fuji Electric for the introduction of the Fuji Electric FRENIC-Mini Series (C2) Compact Inverter; the FRENIC-Mini Series can be used with any standard three-phase AC motor for controlling speed, saving energy or utilizing many of the additional functions for a tailored solution.

Fuji Electric compact inverter
Fuji Electric compact inverter

Many AC motors in the 1/8 HP – 3 HP (full size) and higher output power range utilize an inverter for speed control or motor monitoring. The FRENIC-Mini Series, available worldwide, meets or exceeds standards of performance and price within its class.

This FRENIC-Mini (C2) Compact Inverter is available in Single-Phase 115 VAC or 230 VAC, Three-Phase 230 VAC, or Three-Phase 460 VAC with motor HP ranging from 1/8 HP up to 3 HP.

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