Weintek: Touchscreen monitor

Weintek’s cMT-iM21 touchscreen monitor is designed exclusively for industrial applications. Equipped with HDMI video input, Full HD display, and 21.5” large screen, monitor is able to clearly display UI and large amount of data.

cMT-iM21 touchscreen monitor
cMT-iM21 touchscreen monitor

While it adopts a very compact design and weighs only 4.9kg, which reduces installation requirements for space and weight endurance, it is very strong. Tough aluminum enclosure, 6H anti-scratch tempered glass surface, and NEMA4/IP65 protection structure ensure that cMT-iM21 will serve as a powerful monitoring assistant in harsh industrial environments.

The most interesting feature of cMT-iM21, though, is its native compatibility with cMT-HDMl. When using it as cMT-HDMI’s touchscreen, just connect HDMI cable and USB cable and it’s plug and play without the need for calibration or driver. While cMT-HDMI’s USB port is occupied by the USB cable used for touch signal, cMT-iM21 offers an additional USB port that can be used for another USB device, and this USB device will work as if being connected to cMT-HDMI. Additionally, cMT-iM21’s backlight is adjustable using digital signals; that is, the backlight can be adjusted through cMT-HDMI’s operation interface, or even within an EasyBuilder Pro project.

By software and hardware integration with cMT-HDMI, cMT-iM21 offers a novel large screen solution that shall energize the HMI market with fresh ideas.

Product Features

• Full HD Large Sized Screen

21.5” Full HD high quality display showing information with great clarity.

• Capacitive Type Tempered Glass Touchscreen

Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen with great durability, up to 10 million touches.

• Compact and Lightweight Design

Less than 5 kg, panel and VESA mountable.

• cMT-HDMI Compatibility

Perfect match with cMT-HDMI by software and hardware integration.

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