Keyence: Safety interlock switch

The GS Series safety interlock switch from Keyence has a compact and robust design, forgiving and stable alignment, and can be integrated into virtually any safety system.

GS Series safety interlock switch
GS Series safety interlock switch

Features include:

• A redesigned actuator allows for much easier door closure and the ability to maintain door closure over time even when doors/gates sag or machine vibration occurs. This improvement eliminates unnecessary machine stoppages.

• Large LED status indicators change colors depending on door status, allowing personnel to easily check if the door is open/closed from a distance. These features maintain valuable machine uptime.

• An extremely small footprint allows for direct and flexible mounting, increasing the location options.

• The new Safety Interlock switch integrates seamlessly and can achieve the highest level of safety all while eliminating the need for additional components.

• Cascade/daisy chain up to thirty units while maintaining individual door I/O. This minimizes wiring yet allows for quick isolation of areas needing attention

Each design feature serves to reduce time and costs associated with installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

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