Generic HART DTM Goes Mobile

Portable version simplifies commissioning and maintenance

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The Generic HART DTM, which has become a universal tool for education, commissioning and maintenance tasks, is going mobile. Users in more than 30 countries will be able to use it on touch-sensitive portable devices for a complete responsive experience.

The Device Type Manager (DTM) has extreme widespread benefits. It has supported a student in Jakarta during his thesis, currently helps maintenance personal in the copper mines of Antofagasta because of its Spanish user interface and is used to support control of heating in LDS Churches.

Manufacturers of HART multiplexer or Remote I/O stations simplify network setups by delivering versions of this DTM with their devices. It can also be a starting point for creating specific DTMs reducing development effort.

Now we are facing a strong demand for mobile solutions. The new release of the Generic HART DTM meets the requirements for clear readability and secure interaction while also providing a responsive user interface enabling touch screen ability that meets the requirements of the upcoming FDT Style Guide enhancements.

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Portable Device Management for HART Field Devices - Installation Video

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