NOVA Chemicals: EPS resin with recycled content

If you have been looking for a recycled-content EPS resin, NOVA Chemicals’ newest expandable polystyrene resin, R625B, is a shape/packaging grade resin with 25% recycled-content.

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The recycled content polystyrene is supplied by RAPAC, a RING Company, in the form of 100% recycled-content EcoSixTM resin.*

• R625B has a low VOC content of ~4%, a minimum foam density of 1.2 PCF, and fast molding cycles.
• It can be used for the same applications as a virgin EPS resin.
• The quality and consistency of this resin is similar to virgin EPS resins and surpasses that of other EPS resins with recycled content.

If you have been frustrated by the lack of availability of high quality recycled-content EPS resins, you will be pleased to know that the introduction of this product to the market place increases the availability of recycled content EPS for protective packaging while creating a demand for consumers and businesses to recycle more polystyrene. Using R625B is an opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to reducing the amount of waste going to landfills without relaxing standards for high quality packaging materials.

NOVA Chemicals’ R625B 25% recycled-content shape/packaging grade of EPS resin is a great option if your customers have asked for materials that may help them to increase their use of recycled materials without compromising performance or recyclability.

* SCS Global Services has certified the RAPAC EcoSix material used as being made from 100% recycled resins. For more information about the certification visit

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