NOVA Chemicals: High-performance HDPE film resin

NOVA commercializes SURPASS high-performance HDPE film resin for high barrier blown applications.

SURPASS film resin application from NOVA Chemicals
SURPASS film resin application from NOVA Chemicals

NOVA Chemicals announces the commercialization of SURPASS HPs667-AB polyethylene resin, reflecting the company’s commitment to deliver greater value to its customers through the development of high-performance products. This new resin is a result of the customer-centric research and development work at the company’s Centre for Applied Research and Centre for Performance Applications in Calgary.

HPs667-AB resin, an extension of NOVA Chemicals’ HPs167-AB high barrier blown film resin, is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) designed for cast film, extrusion coating, extrusion lamination and some barrier molding applications. Its innovative molecular architecture enables up to 50% moisture and oxygen barrier improvement over conventional technology.

In addition, the resin features superior stiffness and can facilitate layer or lamination reductions. These physical properties enable converters and brand owners to improve the sustainability and shelf life of packaged goods in a wide range of applications such as dry foods, snacks, liquid packaging, and dairy.

“HPs667-AB resin and its revolutionary predecessor, HPs167-AB resin, deliver performance unlike anything else in the polyethylene market to date,” says Carrie Richards, director of marketing, NOVA Chemicals Polyethylene Business. “The continued commercialization of innovative resins like this will enable our customers to tailor solutions and achieve a broad range of processing needs.”

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