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ExxonMobil: Polymers for liquid and food packaging

ExxonMobil expanded its comprehensive slate of polyethylene products with the introduction of Exceed™ XP performance polymers.

Liquid packaging using Exceed™ XP performance polymers delivers exceptional flex-crack resistance and toughness.
Liquid packaging using Exceed™ XP performance polymers delivers exceptional flex-crack resistance and toughness.

Developed through advanced catalyst technology, process research, and application expertise, Exceed XP is specifically designed to provide extreme performance in a variety of liquid and food packaging film applications and to run at faster output rates on blown-film lines.

“Exceed XP can improve packaging solutions for the essential protection and preservation of liquids and food products. These new polymers allow excellent processing with superior performance to create extremely damage resistant packaging that benefits converters and end-users,” said Thomas Deman, global polyethylene marketing manager, ExxonMobil Chemical.

With Exceed XP performance polymers, converters can fabricate improved liquid packaging films for demanding applications including bag-in-box bladders, pillow and stand-up pouches, and flexi-tank container liners. The toughness and flex-crack resistance of films made with Exceed XP help absorb the shock and mitigate the risk of pinholes caused by the repeated movement of products during production, handling and transportation. This, combined with the film’s sealing performance, can minimize leakage and product waste.

Exceed XP also allows converters to produce food packaging films that withstand demanding environments like low temperatures or high-volume content packaging. The toughness and sealing performance of the films help producers and brand owners protect and preserve their food products, while minimizing waste, from production through consumption.

Exceed XP performance polymers offer a range of options for bubble stability and ease of extrusion to deliver a combination of extreme performance with processability and improved output. Converters can cost-effectively tailor film solutions via linear polyethylene blends or downgauging.

“The flexible food packaging market continues to drive toward more lightweight, yet stronger and more effective solutions,” said Deman. “Exceed XP can help meet these market needs by providing an outstanding combination of toughness, damage resistance and sealability. Downgauging levels of up to 30 percent can be achieved with better packaging performance, while helping to extend shelf life and product safety to protect and preserve food longer.”

Exceed XP forms a part of ExxonMobil’s commitment to growth and innovation. With a strong foundation of global reliability, product consistency and technical support, ExxonMobil extends its Exceed™ and Enable™ slate of performance polyethylene products with Exceed XP – for when extreme performance matters.

Exceed XP will be available globally and supported by ExxonMobil Chemical’s network of technology centers and application experts.

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