Addressing People Development with a 360° Approach

Qualified personnel with the skills and motivation to make your new production line a success can be hard to come by. Eliminate this pain point by having your system integrator hire and train your new employee.

Duane Grob, Principal Engineer, Avanceon
Duane Grob, Principal Engineer, Avanceon

So, you need to expand or introduce a new production line to prepare for projected increased sales. You begin by identifying the capital needs, their costs and the subsequent ROI. Corporate approves the funding and you begin to seek qualified vendors to provide both materials and services. All of this fits into your budget so you issue POs and the race is on.

HR begins the interview process for operators, maintenance, and technical support personnel with the hopes that the proper employee team is in place, trained, and motivated to make the new production a huge success. Hope is the proper word here, as the reality is qualified personnel with the skills and motivation are harder to find than a “2” in a binary state.            

Secretly you would like to hire the System Integrator (SI) engineers that you contracted to design and develop the system to be your new support team. What if your SI performed the hiring and, more importantly, the training of these new employees while the design and development was being performed?              

Your new team would come on board with the proper understanding of the system designs, the know-how to troubleshoot and immediately become your defacto system support specialist, capable of adopting critical knowledge of other systems within your facility.              

A convenient plan to onboard this new employee during the project life-cycle can be developed with your SI to insure they absorb both your company culture (from you) as well as the up to date technical skills (from your SI).              

Avanceon offers a solution for this challenge to those clients who have realized they do not get enough exposure to hiring nor training key technical support resources and rather look to focus on the business of making products and maintaining their assets to ensure product delivery. We call this solution “People Development 360” (‘cause we can). It provides the right amount of help to secure and onboard the correct blend of resources as well as provide a comprehensive approach to training with timely feedback and evaluation of the new employees’ progress. The approach leverages all the energy, understanding, and documentation of the system development towards maximizing the employee’s potential to drive their performance and independence as quickly as possible.              

Does your SI have a 360-degree view of your integration and people needs and a plan to address them?

Duane Grob is a Business Unit Director at Avanceon, a certified member of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA). For more information about Avanceon, visit its profile on the CSIA Industrial Automation Exchange.