Boost Packaging-line Performance

Proficy Accelerator for Packaging Line OEE combines the vendor's out-of-the-box software and services offering with pre-packaged proprietary algorithms from SlimSoft Solutions.

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It is designed to enable line-level analytics and views driving OEE for improved productivity, efficiency and profitability. The solution includes a portfolio of specialized reports and Web parts to provide a comprehensive view of the performance of packaging lines, with a wide range of KPIs—allowing in-depth analysis into the details behind those KPIs. In addition, a Web-based packaging line operator console provides line staff with easy access to view and modify collected information (such as downtime, waste and the like), providing additional context for later analysis as it happens.  A real-time scoreboard display communicates machine status for the line, as well as KPIs such as OEE, capacity utilization, and net utilization, to drive operator responsiveness.

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