Programmable Device Server Debuts

A group of technology suppliers have been working on efficient means for machines to communicate with each other automatically in a market segment called machine-to-machine, or M2M. Some of these solutions have included network protocol converters from serial to Ethernet to enable older devices to be found on newer manufacturing networks. According to Irvine, Calif., network component supplier Lantronix Inc., customers’ push to find competitive advantage by reducing the complexity of obtaining information from their assets prodded Lantronix into developing a device server to fill the need.

The IntelliBox-I/O 2100 fully programmable external device server automates the task of managing remote equipment and associated reporting. This device enables customers to connect equipment to Internet Protocol (IP) networks to automatically monitor and respond to events in real-time with no human intervention.

Triggered by an event, the IntelliBox automatically responds with pre-determined, user-defined sets of responses. These responses can include rebooting, reconfiguring attached equipment, turning a machine switch on or off, triggering a relay or alarm, and/or providing automated reports, among others. “Fully automated remote device management and control has always been the ultimate goal of M2M,” said Glen Allmendinger, president of Harbor Research, a San Francisco analyst firm. “With the advent of the IntelliBox, Lantronix is first to deliver on this promise and is poised to seize a whole new segment of compelling application opportunities.”

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