Manufacturing Marketplace Secures Funding Inc. (, an Atlanta-based global online marketplace for the manufacturing community, has announced the closing of a round of funding by European Founders Fund (EFF), based in Munich, Germany. Existing investor Bezos Expeditions LLC, led the round of funding. The funds will be used for’s continued global expansion and the creation of new online services for the manufacturing community, the company said.

Founded in 2000, is a privately held company that operates a proprietary Web-based platform designed to match sourcing professionals and engineers with suppliers who have the right expertise and capacity to manufacture parts and tooling on demand in accordance with their engineering drawings and CAD files. The service is free for buyers, while suppliers pay an annual online subscription fee. Billions of dollars worth of discrete manufacturing services and industrial components are sourced online via every year, according to the company.

“The manufacturing industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It is global by nature and highly fragmented,” said Oliver Samwer, one of three brothers who are co-founders
of the European Founders Fund. “ is bringing tremendous efficiency to the manufacturing industry and has garnered the all-important critical mass that a marketplace requires to be successful. Our organization knows the marketplace business firsthand and looks forward to contributing our experience and expertise to”

The Samwers are the founders of eBay Germany (alando) and Jamba! (now part of News Corp.). The Internet companies founded by the Samwers have achieved combined sales of more than €1 billion. Jeff Bezos, of Bezos Expeditions, is known as the founder of

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