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Safety Light Curtain is Easy to Set Up

The deTec4 Prime from Sick features a built-in laser alignment aid for fast installation.

Aw 93708 1602np Sick

The laser alignment aid provides a visible laser that saves time when setting up or readjusting the light curtain. In addition, units can be cascaded to protect multiple sides of a machine by connecting up to three pairs of light curtains using standard M12 connectors. The light curtain can also be configured via four different M12 system plugs without the need for a computer. The units are electro-sensitive protective devices that comply with performance level "e" in accordance with EN ISO 13849, and SIL3 in accordance with IEC 61508. Resolution is 14 mm or 30 mm, with protective field height from 300 mm to 2100 mm; ambient operating temperature is -30 to +55 °C, and the enclosure is IP 65, IP 67. Other features include restart interlock, external device monitoring, and status output.

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