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Surge Protective Devices

Phoenix Contact has added UL recognized surge protective devices to its Safe Energy Control (SEC) product line.

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Suitable for meeting small footprint requirements with high-energy handling capabilities, these pluggable devices include local and remote status indicators, and reversible keyed plugs and bases for safe, easy maintenance. Complementing the previously released PLT-SEC devices, the new units meet the applicable IEC standards for Class I, II, I+II, and III. The devices remain backward-compatible for easy usage with legacy products. All products in the SEC line feature a pluggable design allowing for simple replacement in the event of servicing. With easily-reversed plugs, the line also meets wiring installation needs, cutting down on cost and space comparatively to conventional surge protection products. Included are a Type 1 lightning current arrester with integrated backup fuse, Type 1 lightning current arresters for 230/400 V and 400/690 V, a Type 1+2 lightning current arrester/surge protective device combination, Type 2 surge protection and Type 3 device protection for AC/DC applications.

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Phoenix Contact

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