Tablet for Hazardous Areas

The Tab-Ex 02 from ecom instruments features a magnetic gyroscope that enables users to identify objects in an installation via augmented reality applications.

Tablet for Hazardous Areas
Tablet for Hazardous Areas

Based on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2, the new tablet combines high performance with applications such as augmented reality (AR), enabling the mobile user to communicate in real time, anytime, anywhere, as well as collect and retrieve data, parameters and information remotely. The unit’s software delivers all underlying, existing data directly on the display in real time, while also making it shareable within a company’s network. The mobile use of AR can solve multiple challenges and tasks in the industry—from rapid commissioning of a plant, transparent processes and precise maintenance to efficient asset management. Intermediate steps and handwritten notes, lists or the consultation of the manual are no longer necessary: Mobile workers can use AR applications to receive and enter data as well as test results directly on the mobile device and even add a photo or voice memo.

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