Siemens: Variable Frequency Drives

The new version of the Sinamics S120 Cabinet Module drive packages is compliant with North American standards and is offered with optional UL/cUL listing.

Aw 30777 1412np Siemens

The drives allow easy configuration of complex common DC bus lineups for multi-motor coordinated drive systems, as well as high horsepower stand-alone drives for a wide variety of industrial applications. Key features are modularity and flexibility; pre-designed, fully type-tested modules, including line side components, line infeeds (bus supplies) and motor inverters, all with a broad range of standard options, are selected and configured by the user. This offers significant reduction in engineering and manufacturing lead times, which translates into reduced project costs and a compressed delivery schedule, while minimizing technical and commercial. Individual cabinet modules have a standardized power and control interface, which allows them to be freely positioned in a lineup that best suits the particular application and makes them easy to install and connect. The range of standard options, including the DC bus current rating and enclosure type, for example, is available to tailor selections to best meet jobsite and environmental conditions. All configurations are now compliant with the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) and Short Circuit Current Ratings per UL508A supplement SB, up to 100 kA.

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