Rugged Side-Exit Accelerometer

The 787F side-exit, low profile accelerometer with an integral cable includes a side-exit general purpose sensor with a permanent Viton boot and Teflon jacketed cable to provide protection in harsh environments.

Aw 3846 804 Wilcox

The sensor’s integral cable is permanently mounted, preventing contaminants from getting into the connector, while eliminating concern about the connector backing off the sensor. The connection integrity is critical for inaccessible sensor locations, says the vendor, such as inside gearboxes, or for underwater applications such as vibration monitoring inside tanks or on submersible pumps. Specifications are as follows: Sensitivity: 100mV/g. Acceleration range: 80g peak. Amplitude non-linearity: 1%. Frequency response: 1.0 - 5,000Hz (±10%) and
0.7 - 10,000Hz (±3 dB). Temperature range: -50º to +120º C.

Wilcoxon Research Inc.

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