Take the FDT Technology Test-Drive

June 4, 2013
Instantly access Frame Applications and DTM software

Gain an understanding of just how easy it is to get started using FDT Technology from the comfort of your own office.  
1.    Download our white paper on How to Specify FDT Technology – Putting your Assets to Work.

2.    All you need is a Frame Application and a DTM, below you’ll find some FDT enabled introductory software available.

Access the DTM-tool that enables a device user, to commission, operate, configure and diagnose all HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices in your plant in a uniform way, with full functionality.
Get an easy start with FieldCare an FDT enabled Frame Application and DTM library software available.
Download the free-of-charge FFusbDTM for integration of FOUNDATION fieldbus networks with any FDT Frame Application.
Try configuring and calibration of a HART® device in nearly no time with free trial software. Generic HART DTM, HART CommDTM and PACTware.
Instantly access Rockwell Automation DTM Asset Management Communication files supporting FDT Technology.
Complementary DTM Downloads available for HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and PROFIBUS devices to ease your device integration needs.

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