SensorLogic, Wavecom Partner for M2M Solution

Wavecom (, a Paris-based wireless modem manufacturer with U.S. offices in San Diego, and SensorLogic (, Addison, Texas, a machine-to-machine application service provider, have joined efforts to market complete M2M solutions over existing GSM (global system for mobile communications) and CDMA (code division multiple access) networks.

SensorLogic will integrate devices from Wavecom's hardware partners, based on the WISMO Quik Q2426 GSM and Q2438 CDMA modules, in the SensorLogic M2M Portal, and will present Wavecom as a preferred module supplier of data devices to SensorLogic customers and sales force. Wavecom will promote the SensorLogic portal to its carrier partners as an effective way to penetrate the M2M market.

According to the suppliers, this marketing partnership presents a total solution for remote monitoring in key M2M segments including industrial automation, process control, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) applications, asset monitoring, medical home monitoring and a variety of multi-sensor applications.

The SensorLogic M2M Portal is a telemetry data management and communications platform on which application developers can build end-to-end wireless telemetry solutions. Wavecom's WISMO Quik modules are integrated, ready-to-use wireless devices that enable companies to incorporate GSM/GPRS (general packet radio service) or CDMA connectivity quickly and cost-effectively.

Gary Mintchell

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