When It Comes to RFID, a Tag Is Not Just a Tag

Learn tips—and traps to avoid—when choosing the right RFID tag option for your specific needs.

Some of the factors to narrow down the tag selection:
· Memory
· Frequency
· Size
· Distance
· Material of tagged item
· Surrounding

Based on real life examples Prism Systems will explain what to consider for the right tag and the importance of testing in the setting where you need to read it in order to avoid obstacles later on in the process.


About the speakers:

Jeremy Baker:

Jeremy Baker is a member of the RFID and Networking group at Prism Systems, where Jeremy provides integrations services for RFID, vision, wireless, and wired communication. Jeremy believes that service and persistence are inseparable from technical expertise, and setting the customer up for success is his primary goal.

During his career Jeremy has supported automotive manufacturing, warehouse parts tracking, and component staging applications for various customers. He has provided creative insights for high-interference solutions, from high-reflection to transponder detuning, as well as hands-on training for basic troubleshooting of Siemens RFID systems. Jeremy is a Certified Professional in Industrial Networks for both wired and wireless solutions. He graduated from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor of Science: Mathematics and Statistics.


Richie Fortenberry:

Richie Fortenberry holds an BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Alabama, with graduate studies in the fields of computer science and cybersecurity at Syracuse University. His chief interests include safety & security of ICSs, application of software engineering methods to development of complex ICSs, and development of corporate security policies & software development guidelines.