Nord Gear Introduces New Drive and Motor Systems

Sept. 28, 2021
The forthcoming DuoDrive integrated geared motor and Nordac On and On+ drive systems are designed for intralogistics as well as food and pharmaceutical industry production applications.

At PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Nord Gear previewed its new DuoDrive and Nordac On and On+ drive systems. The DuoDrive will be available in North America in Q4 2021 and the On and On+ VFDs will be available in Q1 2022.

Nord Gear says the DuoDrive integrated geared motor concept features the latest generation permanent magnet synchronous motor integrated into a single-stage helical gear unit housing, with a power range from 0.5-2 hp and an output speed of up to 1,000 rpm. The DuoDrive has a maximum output torque of 700 lb.-in. and a speed ratio of 3.24-16.2.

The company highlights the DuoDrive’s high efficiency (up to 92%), variant reduction through constant motor torque over a wide speed range, a compact wash-down design, industry-standard mounting dimensions, and quiet operation. By reducing the system’s variants, Nord Gear claims this minimizes administrative expenses for set up of lean manufacturing, logistics, storage, and service processes. Also, the motor can be operated worldwide and tailored to individual load ranges.

In addition to the DuoDrive’s optional nsd tupH sealed surface conversion system, which provides for acid-, alkali- and corrosion-resistance and an IP69K protection class, it also features a variety of motor connectivity options, such as HANQ8 and HAN10E plug connectors and round connectors as well as direct wiring.

On and On+ VFDs
The decentralized On and On+ drives from Nord Gear are built on one platform that features IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) connectivity, firmware that is updatable via Ethernet, and an integrated PLC (programmable logic controller). Nord Gear notes that these standardized VFDs feature plug-and-play capability for ease of internet-based networking and feature integrated industrial Ethernet interfaces that are switchable for use with Profinet, EtherCAT, and EtherNet/IP.

Both VFDs can be wall- or motor-mounted and offer a compact footprint with integrated brake control and motor temperature sensor, as well as optional functional safety with safe torque off (STO) and optional internal braking resistors. The Nordac Access BT (Bluetooth) provides a diagnostic interface for parameterization of the VFDs.

Key differences between the two VFDs are that the On+ is optimized for Nord IE5+ motors (permanent magnet synchronous motors) and features IP66 rated protection. The Nordac On VFD has IP55-rated protection.

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