Omron Highlights IIoT and 3D Bin-Picking Technologies

Sept. 28, 2021
From tactical packing operations to data transfer for better decision-making, Omron shows how its technologies can be used for a variety of CPG processing and packaging applications.

At PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Omron is featuring an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) system designed to improve quality and operational efficiency as well as its advanced, robotic picking-and-placing capabilities using 3D vision.

By mounting its FH3D 3D bin picking technology to its LD-250 mobile robot, Omron is demonstrating an advanced product pick-and-place system that incorporates a collaborative mobile and fixed robot.

In the demo, Omron uses the LD-250 MoMa (mobile manipulator) robot to retrieve parts and deliver them to the primary packaging workstation at the beginning of the processing line. From there, the robot puts parts into designated trays so they can be moved to the inspection station. As trays are inspected by vision system, the robot will transport them to the palletizer. Once all the items are on the pallet, the entire process will start over.

Omron technologies used in this demonstration include: the LD-250 Mobile Robot​, an integrated Omron TM14M robot arm with NX102​ controller, the Omron NA touchscreen and FH3D bin picking vision technology. 


The IIoT system showcased by Omron is designed to ease the process of streamlining and transmitting data using MQTT with an industrial PC (IPC) and Omron’s NX102 automation controller as an edge device. This allows users to access data in real-time via Omron’s NA HMI to make immediate decisions about production operations. The NA HMI GUI (graphical user interface) resides on the NX102 automation controller and is programmable via Omron’s Sysmac studio software.

Omron explained that its NX102 automation controller is used to process incoming data from other devices connected to it. It then sends the data to the MQTT broker on the IPC. This IPC is used by Omron as part of its closed loop data system, rather than connecting the system to the internet to mitigate security concerns. 

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