Epson Combines Printing and Robotics for Packaging

Oct. 23, 2022
At PACK EXPO International, Epson is showcasing its industrial label printer with a 6-axis industrial robot in a full-color print-and-apply system, as well as its GX8 robot with multiple arm configurations for high-throughput, high-precision applications.

As CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies increase their use of automation, the key to making smart automation investments comes from ensuring the automation technologies selected can fully address your specific applications—from basic functions such as label application to complex tasks.

To show how its robots and associated hardware and software technologies can address this range of requirements, Epson (booth N-5265) is demonstrating how these technologies can be combined to streamline package labeling processes and address high-performance material handling and parts feeding applications at PACK EXPO International.

In its Innovation Stage presentation, “Streamline Your Package Labeling Process,” Aaron Donlon, Epson Robots product manager, shows how the combination of Epson’s ColorWorksCW-C6000P on-demand industrial label printer with Epson’s 6-Axis VT6L industrial robot creates a full-color print-and-apply automated system to eliminate issues with handling and application of preprinted labels.  The VT6L all-in-one robot is designed for a variety of simple applications yet includes many of the features found in Epson’s high-end robots, including the Epson RC+development software and integration tools such as vision guidance. This software enables all components in the robot work cell to interface with one another in a single environment and it comes with more than 500+ pre-programmed commands and statements, including motion functions, I/O control, variables and data types, and program control built in. The Epson RC+ software also helps identify coding issues with an integrated debugger, minimize mistakes with a color-coded syntax checking editor, and provides the ability to check variables and their values.

The VT6L robot has a reach up to 900 mm and a payload up to 6 kg and can be installed using 110 V or 220 V power. In his presentation, Donlon will explain why this combined robot/printer system is easy to install and use, and how it can deliver a quick return on investment. This presentation takes place October 24 from 2-2:30 p.m. CDT at the Innovation Stage 3 in booth N-4585.

Epson is also showcasing its compact, high-precision GX8 SCARA robot, which offers multiple arm configurations and a reach from 450mm up to 650mm. Using Epson’s patented GyroPlus technology, the GX8 is designed for high-throughput, high-precision applications. The GyroPlus technology uses embedded quartz crystal sensors to provide real-time feedback to reduce residual vibration, allowing Epson’s GX-Series of robots to deliver better robot performance with faster dampening of vibrations. In its booth, Epson shows how the GX8’s slimline design can be integrated into cleanroom (ISO 3), ESD (electrostatic discharge), and IP65 environments for handling of payloads up to 8 kg. The GX8 also comes with battery-less encoders and a built-in Ethernet cable for low total cost of ownership. Epson’s RC+ software can be used with the GX8 to help simplify development of complex automation applications.

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