Kawasaki Highlights Packaging and Palletizing Robots

Oct. 26, 2022
At PACK EXPO International, Kawasaki showcased three of its robots designed for packaging and palletizing operations in the consumer packaged goods industries.

In addition to highlighting its range of robotics for packaging—from smaller, high-speed robotic applications to more flexible mid-range options—Kawasaki Robotics is also hosting demonstrations with its partners at PACK EXPO International.

For example, Kawasaki and PSA are debuting a “Sniper Cell” equipped with an ultra-high speed Kawasaki Y series delta robot to perform a pick-and-place application using vision sensors and conveyors. Also, with partner IRIS Automation, Kawasaki is unveiling its pre-configured RPZ-MAX palletizing cell which uses Kawasaki R-series robots to handle heavier payloads in a small footprint.

Two new Kawasaki R-series robots featured at Kawasaki’s booth (N-5946) are:

The RS013N, Kawasaki’s newest general purpose robot model with a 13kg payload, 1460mm reach, and IP67 design. This robot features a cantilever design for the upper arm section, enabling a longer maximum reach and an expanded range of motion below, behind, and in the immediate vicinity of the robot. 
  • The RS007L robot, which also features the new cantilever arm design as the RS013N, is featured in a multi-pattern pick-and-place packing cell with integrated vision and area scanner for operator interaction. The RS007L features a 7kg payload capacity and a 930mm reach.
  • Kawasaki is also featuring its CP180L palletizer robot, capable of 2,050 cycles per hour. This robot has 180kg payload capacity and a 3255mm reach. The CP180L features an energy saving controller and easy-to-use palletizing software for simplified programming.

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