IIoT-Enabled, Multi-Purpose Servo Drive

Nov. 10, 2020
The new i950 servo drive from Lenze features three modes, providing flexibility to OEMs to use the drive in multiple standard and custom-configured packaging machine applications.

One of the clearest trends in modern automation technology is flexibility—the built-in capability of a device to perform more than one function or be used in more than one way. And flexibility of application is very evident in Lenze’s new i950 servo drive. In its demo at PACK EXPO Connects, Lenze highlighted a key aspect of the i950’s flexibility via its three modes.

Dan Barrera, applications engineering manager at Lenze, explained the i950’s drive-based motion, which includes two of the servo drive’s modes. Those modes are: 1) drive parameterization using Lenze’s pre-configured FAST software application, which allows personnel who are not engineers or programmers to commission the drive and its application; and 2) custom configuration of the FAST applications, enabling OEMs and system integrators to access the code behind the applications, using IEC 61131-3 programming languages, to customize the pre-developed FAST software code for unique uses. Fieldbus protocols, like Profinet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, can be used to connect a Lenze controller or any third-party controllers to the i950 in these two servo drive modes. 

The i950’s third mode is control-based motion. “Using control-based motion, the i950 can be set up in CiA402 mode to receive commands from a main control motion system,” Barrera said. He noted that, for motion-centric applications, any third-party controller used with i950 drive should support motion over EtherCAT. 

The i950 can be used in packaging machinery for registration and synchronization, table positioning, camming, electrical gearing, and winding applications.

With respect to the drive’s IIoT enablement, Barrera pointed out the i950 supports MQTT communications to deliver the drive’s operational data to plant and enterprise systems.

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