Integrated Motor Drives and Smart Sensors

Nov. 10, 2020
ABB’s ultra-premium efficiency motor drive and ABB Ability Smart Sensors are two products OEMs and end users can use to modernize existing and new equipment.

In its exhibit at PACK EXPO Connects, ABB featured its Baldor-Reliance EC Titanium motor drive and smart sensors for OEMs and end users.

Primarily targeted at OEMs, the Baldor-Reliance EC Titanium integrated motor drive uses permanent magnet rotor technology to achieve IE5 ultra-premium efficiency. According to Steve Shadow, ABB’s industry sales director, this motor can maintain its high efficiency performance across varying speeds and at full and partial load conditions.

“This is important in applications such as pumps or fans where most installations run at partial speed and reduced load ranges,” Shadow explained. “The flat performance profile of the EC Titanium integrated motor drive maximizes efficiency gains and can deliver annual cost savings of 20% or more versus traditional motor technology.”

For both end users and OEMs, ABB showcased its ABB Ability Smart Sensors. These battery-operated devices can be retrofitted to motors, mounted bearings, or pumps. After placement on the device to be measured, the sensor takes measurements at one-hour intervals. Measurements are saved to the internal memory, which can hold a month’s worth of data. Data from the sensors can also be uploaded to the ABB Ability Cloud for analysis with a gateway or smartphone.

Users can access aggregated sensor data in four ways:

  • Through ABB’s smartphone app, typically used by plant floor workers and maintenance technicians;
  • Through the ABB Ability Smart Sensor Portal—for engineers reviewing the data to optimize production or save energy;
  • Exporting into an Excel file for delivery to a service provider or other third party; or
  • Through a cloud interface connected to a company’s enterprise system.

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