Modular Drive System with High-Efficiency Motor

Nov. 10, 2020
With an eye toward reducing total cost of ownership, the new drive system from Nord Gear features high-efficiency components such as Nord’s high efficiency gearbox and compatibility with IE4 or IE5 motors.

Decentralization is a key component of modern automation technologies to support modular OEM machine designs and simplify maintenance and repair. In the demo of Nord’s LogiDrive system at PACK EXPO Connects, the company highlighted how the decentralized drive package reduces engineering and commissioning efforts. “With this modular system, the number of variants can be minimized, making it easier to maintain and reducing total cost of ownership for the operator,” said Laurie Andres, marketing manager at Nord Gear Corporation.

According to Andres, the LogiDrive system includes: A high-efficiency Nord gearbox, IE4 or IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motor, a decentralized variable frequency drive,  M12 signal connectors, and an incremental encoder.

“The new IE5+ synchronous motor is characterized by its very high efficiency rating,” said Andres. “Compared to asynchronous motors, high energy savings are possible, especially in the partial load and partial speed range. This minimizes the customer’s total cost of ownership.”

She added that these motors are easy to clean and corrosion-proof due to their smooth and fanless motor design and resistance to acids and alkilis.

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