Audio-Visual Headset for Maintenance and Repair

Nov. 10, 2020
TechSight from Honeywell Intelligrated allows for hands-free visualization of maintenance and repair procedures with remote support.

At PACK EXPO Connects, Honeywell Intelligrated demonstrated its TechSight product—a combination of hardware and software that allows subject matter experts, no matter where they are located, to see exactly what maintenance crews are dealing with in real time, eliminating the communication limitations of a cell phone call and the safety concerns associated with using handheld devices during industrial maintenance procedures.

Mike Felton, business development manager at Honeywell Intelligrated, said the TechSight technology allows wearers to “see a screen with high-definition audio and video via Microsoft Teams or Zoom [usable with Android and iOS platforms] to access documentation, videos, or any other piece of information to help on-site technicians fix equipment problems. The goal with TechSight is to help companies decrease unplanned downtime and reduce the need for all workers to have specific maintenance skills.” 

TechSight allows for on-screen annotation of images to help guide workers and it supports messaging via Skylight Web. Remote experts connected to a TechSight glasses wearer can zoom in on the image being sent from the wearer as well as take snapshots. 

Felton explained that TechSight allows for less experienced workers to complete maintenance tasks with which they are unfamiliar because the worker doesn't have to be an expert in what they're fixing. They just need someone on the other end of the TechSight connection to guide them along. TechSight allows for a subject matter expert to access the system from anywhere, which is especially important now due to COVID-19 and associated travel restrictions, Felton said. 

The hardware used in the TechSight system is the Vuzix M400, a wearable, hands-free Android OS device with a 1080p video and flash memory camera. These glasses include voice navigation and Bluetooth connectivity options. “Basically, it offers a first-person view from the camera so that a remote expert can see what the wearer is seeing and upload any documentation or deliver any advice that could help the worker,” said Felton.