Lenze at Automate 2022

July 15, 2022
Lenze offered an overview of its cloud offerings as well as its hardware portfolio at Automate 2022 in Detroit.
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Quick hits:

  • Lenze servo inverters are suitable for dynamic motion control and multi-axis applications, and can be operated via a motion controller or run independently.
  • Lenze’s IIoT Gateway offers secure, remote access into machinery via a virtual private network.
  • Lenze’s asset management software tool allows end users to quickly access technical documents and other information pertaining to machinery in need of maintenance.

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Hello and welcome to Take Five with Automation World. I’m David Miller, Senior Technical Writer for Automation world. Today instead of talking to you, I’m going to show a video from Automate 2022, which was held in Detroit a few weeks ago. In this video, Lenze will be exhibiting an overview of its hardware portfolio along with its cloud offerings.

On the hardware side, this includes motors and drives, servo inverters, and motion controllers, and the company's IIoT cloud gateway. Daniel, who’s speaking in the video, will also walk viewers through some of the unique capabilities Lenze’s software and hardware products offer.

So, rather than going on myself, I’m going to go ahead and let the presentation speak for itself, and we’re going to cut to that now.

Hey, welcome to Lenze booths at Automate show in 2022 at Detroit. I want to give you a quick overview about the Lenze product portfolio, which you can see here on my right on your left, give you a quick introduction into our hardware portfolio, and then also going into our cloud offering.

Basically, what you can see here is on the bottom level we have all motors, drives, motors, gearboxes, all these products you need on your drivetrain. Going into the middle level, we have remote IOs, frequency inverters, we have these, as well as test servo inverters where the servo inverters are really one of the highlights of our product portfolio.They're controlled by our motion controller. But you also can run the servo drive as a standalone drive by using the same tools as you would use on the on the controller. And in general, the whole tool chain we have available can be used throughout our product portfolio.

So now if you think about an end user who is running a machine where these components are installed into. This end user, he wants to make sure that his machine runs 24/7 without any break down, any stop, right. So end users typically want to reduce any kind of downtime. So to work on this part, we have our remote gateway into the cloud, our IIoT gateway. And this gateway really connects the machine into the cloud it it offers remote access via VPN, secure access into your machine to do some troubleshooting. But also, you can do all data collections with this tool. And you can use the Lenze X4 remote platform to analyze your data to improve your improve your overall equipment efficiency.

But as well, and this is one of the new things we are offering right now, we have this tool, so called Asset Management, with an automated ticket management system as well. And what does that mean? So that basically means that with our asset management tool, we add the information of every component within your machine into that asset management tool. And if any kind of problem shows up, immediately, you can double check what product it is, which year it was built, what is the serial number, what are the documents or technical documents for that.

You have all that at your fingertips within our portal, within our asset management tool. And you even can generate automated tickets so that a service technicians or the service department at the OEM gets a ticket as soon as there's any kind of issue. And then they can start working with the end user together on the machine to solve the issue, whatever the issue is, and to avoid any kind of downtime to help really the end user you know to keep the machine up and running at the best possible way.

So that's just in a nutshell, a quick overview about the Lenze offering, the complete portfolio including our cloud offering our asset management, and if we have more questions, please feel free to stop by at our booths or just reach out to Lenza.com and talk with us.

Thank you very much for your time. Talk to you soon.

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