Rockwell Automation Combines HMI Hardware with Cloud Software

Jan. 24, 2024
The new FactoryTalk Optix Portfolio is designed for adaptive HMI design and deployment.

Rockwell Automation’ new FactoryTalk Optix portfolio includes the company’s HMI platform and remote access software, as well as embedded edge compute modules to address a range of industrial deployment options. 

According to Rockwell Automation, the FactoryTalk Optix portfolio allows users to choose their own technology mix centered around the use of visualization software to design HMI applications that can natively work with Rockwell Automation and third-party controllers and displays via OPC UA. The portfolio is constructed in a way that allows users to pay only for the features they need with runtime licensing based on the capabilities of the application.

The FactoryTalk Optix portfolio includes five components:
•    FactoryTalk Optix Software—an HMI visualization platform that can be accessed from a browser or downloaded to a computer. Features include multi-user collaboration, web-based design and testing, and integrated version control.  

•    OptixPanel—graphic terminals pre-loaded with FactoryTalk Optix and FactoryTalk Remote Access software licenses to reduce implementation and maintenance risks.  

•    FactoryTalk Remote Access—enables secure connections to equipment to connect domain experts to critical issues, regardless of physical location, increasing responsiveness and reducing the costs associated with travel and asset downtime.  

•    ASEM 6300 industrial PC—available in box and panel form for HMI system deployment.

•    Embedded Edge Compute Module—provides scalability and remote support functions and supports REST API, OPC UA and MQTT to meet the interoperability and communication needs of a variety of applications. 

FactoryTalk Optix software is available in English, Italian, French, Spanish and Chinese versions. 

Guy Lopes vice president of operations at Wulftec International, a manufacturer of packaging machinery, said, “The FactoryTalk Optix portfolio is an open solution that allows us to design more innovative equipment faster through multi-user collaboration, web-based design and test as well as integrated version control.”

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